Positive Language, Part I. Why Positive Language is Important to Kids.

Posted by Jacinda Miller on

As a society, we are focusing on mindset and language and the impact that can make on us and our twirlers.  We are going to be diving deep in this three part series to learn about why positive  language is important, evaluating your language and how to use positive  language to  help your twirler.

Have you ever heard these comments:

"I'm paying a lot of money for you to be here, you better do well."

"I'm spending a lot of time to coach you and I want to see more  commitment."

"Stop running in the  classroom."

"Stop screaming." 

What do each of these statements have in common? 

They focus on the negative or what you don't want to have happen versus focusing on the positive and what you do want to have happen. 

Take a  look at the image to see the  difference in positive language versus negative language. Thank you  to @WeAreTeachers for creating this image.  Educators in our student's schools are using positive language to make an impact in their classrooms.  As a dance or baton twirling educator, have you shifted your language? Or, are you  still using negative language to motivate?