How Do You Provide Outstanding Customer Service?

Posted by Jacinda Miller on

Our family recently had a getaway to a resort in Northern Minnesota.  We've been going for a  few years and the service from the staff is always top notch. One morning, I was drinking coffee in the cafe and I overhear a conversation between two staff members and it got me thinking about really great customer service... Here's how the conversation went... 

A Front Desk person came into the cafe and asked a server if they had any almond milk as a guest had requested some. The server responded that they did not have almond milk.  (This resort has a small market for basic supplies on the property.) The Front Desk person states that she is going to go to the  market to get almond milk and that she'll bring it to the cafe after she's done. She said that she was sure another guest at some time would request almond milk and then the cafe would have it when that happened.

This was such a great "thing" to see from a business owner perspective for a couple of reasons. First, the staff were empowered to  make choices to serve the guest. The manager didn't need to be involved or permission requested.  If you have teachers or staff, do they have  the ability to make decisions without your involvement? 

Second, the Front Desk person saw a potential need  for their customers and addressed it.  They addressed it for an immediate need but also for a future need. 

Third, the employees went the distance to please the customer. It would have been easier for the Front Desk person to apologize and say that they didn't have the almond milk but instead she sought out the cafe then went to the market to get it for  her customer. Would you employees do what is right or what is easy? Would you do what is right or what is easy? 

What do you do to anticipate your customer's  needs? What can you do better? Feel free to share below. Want more practical ideas for improving your service to parents and students? Join our Coaches Conference on July 24, 2020. 

In case, you are wondering the resort that we stayed at is Madden's and I included a picture of the view from  our room.   If you come to Minnesota for vacation, I highly recommend a visit to Madden's. It's a great place!