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Enroll in Our Online Class: Rev Up Your Recruiting

Are you a small business owner struggling to attract new students to your courses or programs? Imagine having a steady stream of eager learners, boosting your revenue and enhancing your reputation as a go-to expert in your field. Our online class, "Rev Up Your Recruiting," is designed to help you achieve just that.

Why Enroll?

Proven Strategies for Success

Our class offers proven, actionable strategies tailored specifically for small business owners. We understand the unique challenges you face and provide practical solutions to overcome them. Whether you're running a dance studio, tutoring center, martial arts studio or any other educational service, our course will equip you with the tools to fill your classes.

Expert Guidance

Learn from industry expert, Jacinda Miller.  Starting as a recruiter in colleges and recruiting thousands of students to coaching recruiting teams along with opening and recruiting for several small businesses, Jacinda knows the strategies, skills and tricks to grow your business and she shares over 20 years of experience with you!   She’ll share insider tips and best practices that you won’t find anywhere else.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our curriculum covers everything you need to know, from making that initial contact to the important follow-up.  You'll also learn how to optimize your enrollment process so that you follow a simple process for every student. These processes will save you time and money! 

Flexible and Convenient

We know you're busy. That's why our class is designed to fit your schedule. Access the materials online at your convenience and learn at your own pace. Plus, you’ll have lifetime access to the course content, so you can revisit the lessons anytime you need a refresher.

Real Results

Small business owners who have taken our class report significant increases in student enrollment and overall business growth. Join the ranks of satisfied entrepreneurs who have transformed their recruitment strategies and seen real, measurable results.

Take the Next Step

Don’t let student recruitment be a stumbling block to your business success. Enroll in "Rev Up Your Recruiting" today and start attracting the students your business deserves. Get ready to see your enrollment numbers soar!

Your future students are waiting. Are you ready to meet them?