Your Questions Answered about the Miss Autumn Virtual Competition!

Posted by Jacinda Miller on

Baton Twirling Unlimited is excited to host our Miss Autumn Virtual Competition on October 10th.  Here's answers to your most commonly asked questions! 

Can I submit a video? Yes! You can email us a video or youtube link for your submission to the competition. You can also choose to compete live the day of the competition. 

Will I be assigned a time or do I need to be available all day? You will be assigned a time that you will compete. We work really hard to run on time, of course, we may be a few minutes ahead or behind.  If you think you'll have a hard time being available at your scheduled time then submit a video of your performance. 

What  is the schedule for  the day? Modeling, X-Struts, Solos, 2-Baton, Flag, Show Twirls and Teams. 

Do my teams need to compete live or can they compete via video? You can choose which option works best for you.  

We have a team routine that doesn't fit into any of the available categories. Can we still compete? Yes! Contact us at or call us at  651-705-6631 and we can figure out the best option for you. 

What  are the Miss Autumn events? Miss Autumn events are an opportunity to compete an additional time in your events. Winners of these events receive a different award than our open events. 

Do we receive a line-up ahead of time? Yes! Usually about a week prior to the competition.

Do we receive score sheets? Yes! Your scoresheets are mailed to you and you should receive them about 7-10 days after the competition. You will find out your results the day of the competition. 

I twirl with a different organization, can I join? Absolutely! If there is an event that we can add for you, please let us know. Our goal is to make this competition a great event for ALL twirlers and to keep us motivated and making progress during this time. 

Do you have other questions? Message us via FB or IG or email us at