Winter Shows... Why We Love Them!

Posted by Jacinda Miller on

Everyone expects a Spring Show or Recital but Winter Shows? Do you love them or hate them? Well, we  love them and in this 2 part blog post, we're going to try and convince you as to why you should love  them too! 

Here's why we love Winter Shows... 

If you are managing a large program with multiple locations or many classes then the Winter Show is a fantastic "check in" on how each of the classes are progressing. How does the choreography look? Are the kids meeting the learning objectives that you established for your classes? Even if your program is small and you teach all of the classes, twirling in class is one thing but performing  it is a whole other ball game so the Winter Show is a check-in for your classes too. 

Winter Shows give you something to work towards in the late Fall.  Working towards one show in the Spring can seem like a "long time away" for students.  

If you teach young students, the experience of the stage, the bright lights, separating from mom and dad can be challenging. The experience of performing in a Winter Show can improve their experience and performance in the Spring Show. 

Winter Shows can be a great fundraiser for your program! Ticket proceeds can help increase your profits, provide additional funds for your competitive teams.  Run a fundraiser like flower sales, color recital program sales, small business ads in your recital program to raise even more funds for your group! 

Winter shows give your families something to celebrate and come together  to see what a great  organization that you have. Be sure to have families tag your business in their social media posts! You'll love seeing the pics of the kids and your business will get recognition in the community! 

Winter Shows allow you to use those costumes  more than one time! No costumes - no problem! Have your students get a team or studio t-shirt and wear those with black leggings or shorts! 

Check out our next blog post for ideas on making a great Winter Show and keeping it safe for your families.