Winter Shows... Options for A Winter Show During Covid-19

Posted by Jacinda Miller on

If you are contemplating a Winter Show, here's a few ideas for ways to make a show for  your families. 

If you are in an area where any public gathering is just not feasible then you could record each of your routines and put together a recorded recital for your students.  Be sure to calculate how much time it will take you to edit the video (or pay someone to edit the video) when you are deciding the fee to charge for this option. 

Perform at an outdoor venue.  Outdoor amphitheaters and parks can be a great option for a socially distanced show. 

If you can have your students in one location, you can use Zoom as a host for your show.  

Provide a show by class.  Create a schedule that allows each class to perform and a small "gap" of time in between each class to allow families to exit and new families to enter.  

Host a full show but limit seats and assign seats to ensure social distancing.  

As leaders of our organizations, we do have options to make this happen for our students and their families.  Be sure to follow all the guidelines for your state or area and follow your gut.  You know your families and you know what is right for the safety of your students and staff so listen to your gut and it will be an amazing production for your organization.