Twirling's History With The St. Paul Winter Carnival

Posted by Jacinda Miller on

Every year, we host our annual Frozen Frenzy competition and I have always wanted to connect  our competition with the great history that baton twirling has had at the St. Paul  Winter  Carnival. In 2022, the dates for our competition and the Winter Carnival aligned and I could not be  more excited to share this opportunity with twirlers. 

In the Fall, I talked with Major Joanne Schleuter  about how baton twirling used to be involved at the St. Paul Winter Carnival and she shared so much great history with me.  The baton twirling competition at the St. Paul Winter Carnival used to be the same caliber of competition as Nationals or AYOP! Twirlers were treated to a breakfast and had visits from the Vulcan's.  Read more about the Vulcan Krewe here. 

Twirlers from across the country came to visit St. Paul and compete at this premier competition.  Major Schleuter shared  so many great memories of her time and ask any twirler that  competed during  those times and they remember fondly the competition here in St. Paul. You can see the program from the 1976  Winter Carnival by clicking here

This year, our competition will be held on the same day as the Torchlight Parade and we are encouraging all of our competitors to join us in connecting to our history on February 5th from 5:30 - 7:30 pm.  You can register for the parade by clicking here. Once registration closes, a video of the parade routine will be sent  out and twirlers can practice at home.  Twirlers should have the routine memorized and we will practice during our set-up time on February 5th.  

This competition and parade will be something to remember and we're excited to share this event with all of you!