Twirling Coaches and Directors... Why We Need Professional Development!

Posted by Jacinda Miller on

Though I never would have predicted this for my life, I have made a career out of baton twirling. I've done other "jobs" too but I always had baton twirling as a part of my life and maybe you are  that way?  I was also always eager to learn more - maybe it's the educator in me or that there isn't a degree in baton twirling but I have always wanted to know how can I improve, how can I do something different to be better  for  my students? I have said to so many fellow teachers and coaches, we need professional development just for twirling teachers. We need someone to share the ideas and all of the things that they have learned about choreography, the sport, the ins and outs, the things that we didn't know that we didn't know... 

As I have hosted competitions, taught clinics/classes and such, I've always wanted to host a "clinic" for coaches so that we could share our best "stuff" - the things that we are doing to run a better program and teach better.  There are a lot of challenges to hosting an in-person clinic and so I just never did it... Then along comes the coronavirus which showed us (if we didn't already know) that we really can do almost everything via computer. I've seen my students take classes from some of the best in the  twirling world (thank you Adaline Bebo, Joel Claudio and Sabrina Smith) and I've offered online baton classes to kids from literally all over the country. It has definitely been a silver  lining to all of this! 

That little "nugget" came back into my head that coaches and directors need professional development if  not now, when?  We could offer the very best staff to share what they do, we could offer practical (apply it tomorrow in class ideas) that will help you grow your classes, we could do what has been challenging to pull off in person via Zoom and have as many people from all different types of twirling organizations benefit from learning  and connecting with other teachers  that are experiencing exactly what I am... So, we went for it and now we are hosting the Coaches Conference on July 24th.  And, I hope that if you are a teacher, coach or director that  you will join us! 

We will have so many presentations available  to you with information that can really improve your baton twirling programs and we are so excited to have conversations that help the person just starting to teach to the person that needs help getting organized to the person that has done this for years and just needs some new ideas! 

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