Trial Classes. Four Reasons They Help Grow Your Baton Progam.

Posted by Jacinda Miller on

Trial Classes are typically a class that meets one time and allows a potential student try a class before registering for a longer session.  Some programs offer free trial classes while others charge a small fee for their class. Here's four reasons that we have great success with trial classes. 

1. Trial Classes allow families with children to try a class before committing for a longer session.  This prevents buyers remorse or hesitancy about registering for a longer session when parents know that their child loves the class.

2. Trial Classes, when possible, should be taught by the teacher that will teach the weekly class.  This allows parents to meet their teacher, gain a sense of trust with the teacher and learn more about your program. 

3. Trial Classes can be offered from 2 -6 weeks ahead of your new session beginning.  Families that  love your class can have a natural transition to your weekly classes. Be sure to include a gift bag with promotional materials and information about registration! 

4. Encourage families that attend your trial class to ask their child's friends to join in your next trial class or join your upcoming new class. 

Need help with structuring your trial classes? Check out our next blog post! 

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