Steps For Safely Teaching Baton Twirling Classes

Posted by Jacinda Miller on

The Coronavirus pandemic has definitely made us pause and re-visit how we approach our classes and our businesses.  Here's a few tips that  we  have compiled for safely resuming or starting your classes. 

1. Have students wash their hands prior to class starting and again at the end of the class. 

2. Have students stay 6 feet apart both on the sides and front to back. 

3. Avoid exchanges, if at all possible. 

4. Communicate the sick students should not come to class.

5. Review and adapt policies as needed. For example, many teachers have a rule about attending practices prior to a competition/performance in order to perform with the group.  These policies create the unintended consequence that an ill child may come to class in order to perform with their group. 

6. Have students use sanitizing wipes to clean their batons before and after practice. 

7. Have hand sanitizer available for students to use. 

8. Evaluate whether to have parents sit outside your classroom or wait in their car during class. 

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