Scheduling Programs to Streamline Your Life

Posted by Jacinda Miller on

In our last blog post, we discussed the benefits of private lessons for students and teachers and this blog post focuses on the program, Calendly. Calendly makes scheduling private lessons simple for the instructor and your customers. And, most users can use the free version of Calendly.  The upgraded versions allow payments and scheduling for multiple teachers.  

You can set up your calendly account in just a few minutes with these simple steps.

Go to and click on "Get Started."

Once you have created your account, choose your Event type.  You can create different events such as 30 minute private lesson, 60 minute private lesson, tours of your facility or trial classes.  Once you have created your event then you will set up your schedule settings.  My schedule tends to be very consistent so I duplicate my schedule across multiple weeks. You can set-up your schedule to be different every day. 

On the booking page options, you can collect basic information such as the student's name and what would they like to learn in their private lesson.  More advanced features are available in the upgraded version. 

Now, update the Communications section which includes an email confirmation to parents once they have booked a lesson.  

We use Captyn for all of our billing and payments so I charge private lessons at the end of the month student accounts but Calendly does have a payment option that is available. 

I have used Calendly for several years and have been pleased with how easy it makes scheduling private lessons.  Parents seem to enjoy the flexibility too.  Calendly also has Google Calendar extensions that allow you to get a notification before your lesson/event which is great for making sure that you are ready for your lessons. Here is the link to my private lesson calendar so that you can see an actual calendar "in action."

If you have a scheduling program that you use, please share what you use and what you enjoy about that program in the comments.