Recital Themes. 5 Reasons Why A Theme is A Great Idea

Posted by Jacinda Miller on

If you have never had a theme for your recital, here is 5 reasons why a theme could be a great addition to your recital.  

1. Recital Themes bring a level of cohesiveness to your show. The theme might help tell a story, connect your classes, music and routines.  

2. Recital Themes can create the opportunity for you to create t-shirts, recital gifts or tickets that match your theme.  Selling t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and other items can create an additional revenue stream for your group. Use it as a fundraiser or to help cover the expenses of your show. 

3. Themes can be used to educate your students and can be incorporated into your weekly classes and curriculum.  For example, a 50's theme could provide the opportunity to teach about the twist, hand jive or bunny hop. 

4. A strong theme can provide the opportunity to decorate your recital venue for your show.  Coordinate your backdrop, stage props, balloons with your colors and themes. 

5. Recital themes are fun for the kids! Kids can really get into your theme and bring that excitement to parents and your community.