Prepping For a Virtual Competition

Posted by Jacinda Miller on

It's Competition Week for our team at Baton Twirling Unlimited! We're excited to offer a virtual and in person baton competition this weekend. :) We've  been a part of a few virtual competitions (either by judging, observing or hosting) and we came  up with a few ideas for making your virtual competition go smooth! 

1. Twirling Surface - Give yourself the best surface possible, such as, a lineoleum square that is flat and free of tree branches and sun! 

2. Camera Position - Be sure to try out your camera position with your surface prior to the competition.  If you are setting your computer on a chair or table, try it out and record your routine. Are you able to be seen? If you are a great roller, can your judge see your rolls or are you too far away? 

3. Call In Help! Ask a parent, sibling or friend to record your routine. Practice with your helper so that they know where you travel in your routine and none of your tricks are missed in the recording! 

4. SMILE! As a judge,  I want to see your smile! I'd rather us be in person but it's still important to smile and put on a show in your recording or video! 

5. Give yourself a pat on the back! You are trying something new and for that you are a winner! 

Have fun at your virtual competitions and keep working hard! Your effort will be your success when we see each other at Nationals in 2021.