Preparing For Online Classes.

Posted by Jacinda Miller on

Online  Learning is a new world for many children and as a former higher  education online  educator, here's my best tips for learning in  the online environment. 

If your class has a flexible or asynchronous schedule (meaning you can do the class whenever and wherever you want), enjoy that flexiblity but make sure that you schedule  the time to do your class or it is easy to forget to do the class every day! 

Turn off other devices and your TV.  If you truly want to learn, allow yourself time to focus on the class and what your instructor is asking of you. Most classes are less than an hour and you will learn the best if you can focus on learning! 

Prepare for your class! For live classes, use the bathroom prior to class, have a bottle of water near you and login  a few minutes early.  Logging in early allows you to address any technical issues or updates that may occur. 

For our online baton twirling class, be sure that you have enough room to twirl! A little space around you and above you is really helpful in trying all of the new tricks! 

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