Outdoor Practicing... The Best Inexpensive Surfaces.

Posted by Jacinda Miller on

Spring is here (even in Minnesota) and twirlers are headed outside to practice for fun, for physical fitness or to prepare for competition.  Finding a good surface to practice on can be challenging so here are our 3 favorite inexpensive  ways to make the most of your practice. 

1. Cardboard. - Flatten a large cardboard box and place that on your grass, driveway or whatever area you have to practice. 

2. Plywood - A piece of plywood can be an ideal spot for practicing and plywood is relatively inexpensive and can be found easily at your local hardware stores. 

3. Plastic Garage Floor Tiles can be assembled into a square or rectangle and placed on a driveway to give a smoother surface. These tiles are available at stores like  Home Depot or Lowe's. 

Have other ideas for practice surfaces? Share  them with us!