New Online Class Announcement - Ballet Fundamentals for Baton Twirlers, Coaches & Judges.

Posted by Jacinda Miller on

We are so excited to introduce our new online class -  Ballet Fundamentals for Baton Twirlers, Judges & Coaches.

We partnered with Veronica Johnson, NBTA Judge, & Dana Richardson, professional dancer and dance teacher, to create a ballet class designed just for baton twirlers! 

Veronica has been the creative genius behind this project and we are so proud of the work that she has put into bringing this project to the finish line.  A couple of years ago, Veronica wanted to learn more about ballet to improve her own baton twirling teaching and judging. She reached out to her local dance studio and found Dana Richardson. Dana is the kindest person and really listened to learn about baton twirling and how the two disciplines intersect and what twirlers need when it comes to ballet.  

Fast forward a few months and this idea of offering some sort of online training to help share Dana's extensive dance knowledge with the baton world was born.  Veronica continued to plan and reached out to me, Jacinda at Baton Twirling Unlimited, to discuss her idea.  Could our business help? Could we partner to bring this to our community? The answer was yes!  A huge part of what Baton Twirling Unlimited is known for and is headed in the future is to continue to offer essential resources for baton twirlers, judges, coaches, directors.  

Veronica continued to work on her part of this project.  Planning what skills to cover in the first class, second class and third class.  (Yes -we are already planning for more classes with more skills).  Veronica hired a professional company to record and produce these videos.  Again, a huge shout out to Veronica for her passion and dedication to this project! You'll never know the number of hours (and money) she has dedicated to this because she knows that it will benefit so many twirlers and coaches. 

Once the videos were produced and ready to go, Jacinda went to work in creating the class.  We hit a few technical snags but we are so proud of this online class and we know that twirlers are going to learn and improve from these videos.  We've been able to price this class at a point where we know that you are getting a huge value!

While $125 is an investment, consider if you enrolled in a ballet class? An average ballet class is around $50 per month, add on a costume, recital fees, transportation to class and back and you are well over $125.  We're not saying there is no value in a dance class at your studio - there definitely is value in that format of learning.  But, if your schedule or budget doesn't allow for you to take a weekly, in-person class or if you are an adult and would like to learn but an in-person class feels intimidating then this online class gives you an option for learning ballet technique in a way that gives you flexibility and freedom.  

This online class is ideal for the baton twirler that hasn't had much or any formal ballet training but wants to improve their technique to benefit their solo, strut and other baton routines. If you have taken ballet for years then this class is not for you! 

In addition, this class is great for baton teachers that want to incorporate more dance technique but do not know the strategies and technique for teaching ballet properly. Dana & Veronica's videos will teach you how to properly explain the fundamentals of ballet.

And, judges can also benefit from this class. If you want to know more about ballet technique to provide higher level feedback then you will absolutely love this class.

You will have access to this online class within a few minutes of purchasing your class and you can begin right away. Work at a pace that is best for you!

Purchase this class before May 15th and you have lifetime access to the professional produced videos!

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