Introducing Windy City Twirling Camp

Posted by Jacinda Miller on

We are so excited to introduce the Windy City Twirling Camp coming this Summer! For several years, I have wanted to bring top notch twirling staff to work with my students.  Prior to Covid, we planned to do a baton camp in Minnesota but we lacked the interest and getting staff to travel here was challenging so this idea was just in the back of my brain...

I really believe in the power of baton camp and learning from other coaches.  There are so many advantages to learning from new people.  Students can learn new tricks, improve a current trick by hearing a different approach, get new ideas and become even more inspired to participate in our sport.  Combine that with hanging out with other twirlers and you've got a great opportunity.  

With the encouragement of my twirling colleague, Veronica Johnson, we decided that we could bring a camp to Midwest twirlers, if we had the camp in Chicago.  Chicago is a great city to visit but also has many advantages for our camp including being easy to travel to with two airports, conveniently located to a variety of twirling groups from Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa and Missouri and being closer to top twirling talent. So, Veronica and I decided that we would go for it. We reached out to some of twirling's very best twirlers that are also positive and would be a great role model for twirlers.  We are so very excited to welcome the following staff:

Grace Wood, Iowa State University Feature Twirler

Bailey Walke, Kansas State University Feature Twirlers

Caroline Carothers Reed, Miss Texas 2016 & Baylor Feature Twirler

Katie Harris, Miss Boilerette Feature Twirler

Veronica Johnson & Jacinda Miller, Co-Directors & Teachers

This staff is an amazing group of women that are accomplished in their twirling careers from placing on the national and international level, to participating in pageants to twirling in college.  No matter your level, experience or goals, you will love this group of people that will be working with you! 

Now, we've got the perfect location and perfect staff, we are so excited for this twirling opportunity! We hope that you will join us.  Get more information at the link below: