Growing Your Baton Program! Simple Steps To Attracting New Students.

Posted by Jacinda Miller on

If you are wanting to grow your baton program, we are  giving you our secrets to success in the next 4 blog posts.  Get ready to get inspired and grow your baton twirling classes! 

Here's your first step! As creators and entrepreneurs, we can often get caught up in the big picture and  not make those small decisions that get us moving towards our goal. Here's a few items to decide:

1. Location -  Where and when will you hold your class? Will you be  using a studio that you rent now? Do you have a mobile program that you need to rent space at a church, school or community center? Contact those facilities to see about availability and reserve your space. 

2. What ages will you offer your classes? Will you start with young children? Would you like to focus on pre-teens?  Maybe you will offer a class for each age? Will you offer continuing baton, intermediate, advanced baton, pre-competition or competition classes? Decide on ages, class offerings and time frame for each class. 

3. Decide on the session length for your classes. Will you offer 6 week classes, 10 week classes or classes that last the entire  semester? 

Once you decide these 3 things then we are ready to start planning for your recruitment of new students! We'll share our tips for recruitment in the next blog post!