Easy Steps To Starting A Baton Program

Posted by Jacinda Miller on

Starting a baton program can be exciting but also overwhelming and scary. Many people don't know where to even begin. Follow these easy steps for starting your own baton program.

1. Find your location. A few options are parks and recreation programs, after school programs, renting space from a school or community center. 

2. Develop your name, logo and start to think about your branding. 

3. Create a website and social media pages such as Facebook or Instagram. 

4. Create your schedule. What ages will you teach? What nights? 

5. Promote your classes. Use Facebook ads, Google ads, fliers, community events to spread the word about your classes. Use a trial class to let potential students see how much they love your class. 

There's so much that goes into starting your baton twirling program and hopefully this condensed list will help you get started! Visit us by clicking here to learn more about our programs to help teachers.