DIY Baton

Posted by Jacinda Miller on

Twirling is a great sport to pursue when you are socially distancing!  Baton Twirling Unlimited, is offering free classes along with sharing videos from our baton twirling video groups and we have had several people ask about what if I want to try baton but don't have a baton... No problem! We can make a DIY  baton! 

Easiest DIY baton ever is the wrapping paper tube! Just remove the wrapping paper and the tube underneath is perfect for basic twirling! 

Second easiest DIY baton is to use PVC pipe! Many people have PVC pipe around their house (a typical baton is 3/8" or 7/16" in diameter). Cut your PVC pipe to the length of your arm.  (Measure your arm from the beginning of the arm to the end of your longest finger. Add an inch or two for a little bit of extra room.) Cover the ends of the PVC pipe with duct tape to ensure that uneven edges are covered. 

If  you are a little bit craftier, you can also re-purpose a broom, mop or Swiffer handle.  If you have an old broom, mop or Swiffer that you are never going to use again, use a saw to cut the broom (mop or Swiffer) to the size of your arm. Be sure to cover the cut ends of your handle with duct tape to ensure that any uneven edges are covered. 

Once you have your DIY baton, head over to Baton Twirling  Unlimited's YouTube and Facebook page to see what videos we are sharing! 

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