Coaches Recommendations... Should we be recommending changes to kid's appearance?

Posted by Jacinda Miller on

Across our businesses, we get messages with questions all of the time but this question really got me to thinking about our role of coaches when it comes to athlete's appearance... 

The question is, "My daughter's coach just recommended that we change her hair color and get contacts instead of her glasses. Do you think this is out of line?" 

As a coach, it's never my place to give feedback on another coach unless they ask for it but as I stated early, this question did make me pause. For the record, my recommendation to this parent was that if they were uncomfortable with this recommendation from their coach then they should find a time to discuss the coach's recommendation.  

So, let's assume that the glasses are not causing some sort of safety issue and the recommendation is purely for appearance. I think this question brings up a good conversation. 

Do we as coaches have a right to ask parents to change the physical appearance? 

Is there an age where it is appropriate to ask a student to change their appearance? 

Is there a line that we should not cross, for example, glasses are ok but commenting on weight is not? 

Feel free to message us your thoughts and we'll write a follow-up post on this topic.