Choreography For New Twirlers

Posted by Jacinda Miller on

New teachers often ask about choreography and how to choreograph for their newest students. Here are a few tips on choreographing for your newest students.  These concepts will help build student's confidence, engage parents and let kids learn our amazing sport. 

Tip #1 - Keep Formations Simple.  Straight lines that are horizontal or vertical are easy for new students to remember and grasp.  

Tip #2 - Allow Every Student To Be In The Front Row. Parents love  seeing their child be the star and for new students that  can be a great opportunity to shine. 

Tip #3 - Allow Each Student To Have A Feature. Using a ripple can be an effective way of letting each student shine. In some routines, we allow each student to do their favorite trick as a part  of our choreography. 

Tip #4 - Use Music Kids Love! Music that kids love will get  them excited for their class, the routine and baton twirling. 

Tip #5 - Incorporate Dance! Kids love to move and groove. Incorporate simple dance steps (like step-together-step, chasse, kicks) with your twirls.  

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