Choosing a Theme For Your Classes

Posted by Jacinda Miller on

As baton twirling classes across the country begin, you may decide that choosing a theme for the school year or the session can add unique element to your classes. Themes can help you create classroom activities, areas of focus for your community and continuity across your classes. School year themes can also lead into a recital theme too. 

Theme ideas:

Onward & Upwards 


Outer Space


Pirates & Fairies


Journey Through The Ages

Twirling (Dancing) Through The Decades


Travel Around The World

Christmas Around The World

My Favorite Things

USA/Patriotic Theme

Tasty Tunes! 

Night At The Movies

Learn! Grow! Play! 


Star of the Stage

When choosing a theme, you can incorporate music that ties into your theme or develop activities and games that support your theme. In our next blog post, we'll provide you a detailed breakdown of how to create a theme and incorporate it into your classes.