Announcing Our Summer Baton Competition & Clinics

Posted by Jacinda Miller on

Baton  Twirling Unlimited is excited to announce the date and agenda for our Summer Baton Competition and Clinics! Please join us on June 19 - 21st for a weekend dedicated to baton twirling! 

The  weekend begins on June 19th with our Cleaning Clinic from 2 pm - 5pm.  This clinic focuses on bringing the best twirling staff (staff announcements coming soon) to work with twirlers on their competition routines.  Staff will focus on improving and catching tricks, speed, showmanship and practicing for the competition on Saturday. 

Competition begins Saturday morning with modeling events followed by x-struts, solos, 2-baton and team events.  We are excited to offer dance events including dance solos, duets and trios.  These will be held concurrently in a different gymnasium. The competition will conclude with team events in the afternoon and evening. 

The learning continues on Sunday as we offer a clinic both Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon.  Different classes will be taught in both sessions by our talented staff.  Classes offered include vertical section, x-strut, multiple baton, make-up application, classes for teachers and parents. 

We are excited to offer this opportunity for twirlers in the Upper  Midwest and we look forward to seeing all of you at this very exciting weekend! Registration is open now and entry form is here