Baton Twirling Instruction

Are  you in an area that doesn’t have baton twirling coaches? Are you looking for additional and a new viewpoint on your routines? Our Baton Twirling instruction can be done through various technology mediums such as Skype, Facetime or our industry leading usage of Movitae – an online learning management system created specifically for the performing arts.

If your child has exclaimed that they want to be “just like her” – the beautiful twirler with the gorgeous costume, the spinning baton and the star of the performance! Your twirler will be thrilled as she learns how to toss, spin and twirl a baton in our baton twirling course.

Your sweet twirler will astonish you with their soaring confidence and independence as every lesson is an opportunity for learning, growing and encouragement. Your twirler will steal the show when she performs at her school talent show or in a summer time parade.

Twirlers delight in learning twirls, tosses and rolling maneuvers. Your one-on-one instruction will provide your child with new skills every week and endless opportunities!

When you join our online baton twirling class, you’ll receive weekly one-on-one feedback from your instructor, Jacinda Miller. You’ll also receive a complimentary baton as a part of your class that we will ship to you as soon as you join!

Here are some of the important details:

  • This class is designed for ages 10 and older. Parent involvement is highly recommended for students younger than 10.
  • Students (or parents) must have a device with a camera and have the ability to record video. We’ll need you to video yourself so that we can provide you feedback on your learning.
  • Once you have been accepted into the online class, you will be given access to our distance learning tool, Movitae. Your instructional videos can be accessed through this secure system and you will upload your videos to Movitae for your instructor to provide feedback. Don’t worry – we’ll guide you through learning how to use Movitae!
  • Your complimentary baton will arrive just 4 days after you have joined our class.
If video instruction isn’t “your thing,” contact us to talk about our “live” lessons and instruction.

Baton Twirling instruction and coaching is a personalized process to ensure that you and your child gain the most from your instruction, our team will do a brief phone conversation to meet and learn about you, discuss your goals and learning styles, what technology you are most comfortable with and how often we will virtually  meet (assuming of course, you don’t live in an area where we have local instructors).

Contact us at 612-968-5613 or